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Is it challenging to breastfeed in public?

Constantly tugging at your clothing/cover

to hide your breasts, stretchmarks and love handles?

Modest Middles: Easy, Confident Public Nursing

Modest Middles is all you need to keep your breasts, tummy and back covered while you feed your baby discreetly anywhere.

Bottom Layer Tank + "U" Cut Out = Wear Any Bra, Any Shirt

No More Hiding!


Tired of being stuck at home, in a car or in a corner away from family and friends just to nurse discreetly?

No More Tugging!


 Nursing covers hide your breasts, but leave your back and sides exposed. Besides, covers and blankets almost advertise "I'm breastfeeding over here!" Active babies soon play with them as you nurse, rendering them ineffective as covers and totally defeat the purpose.

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Ready to Nurse Anywhere?


Baby doesn't think about being discreet. Baby just wants to eat. Wearing a Modest Middle, you can breastfeed anywhere, doing anything and be confident that you are covered and comfortable.

Step 1: Any Bra


Wear any bra.  Any style. Wear the nursing bra that fits you best.

Step 2: Modest Middle


 Easiest access to ANY nursing bra…The deep U cutout front means there is nothing to move to start or straighten when done breastfeeding. Adjustable straps and a 4-way stretch makes Modest Middles wearable from day one until baby is done nursing.

Step 3: Any Shirt


 360 coverage of your middle while you wear ANY shirt…The long torso stays in place keeping your middle covered. The soft-as-skin fabric is breathable even in hot weather. You don't need to anything else!

Breastfeed anywhere easily, comfortably and confidently!

Modest Middles helps you focus on your feeding your baby, not your post-baby body! 

Check out this 1-minute video to see how Modest Middles are the only nursing essential you need.